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Laverne Cox and Lupita N’yongo literally have inspired so many trans women and black women and have done so much to encourage them and meanwhile they are less influential than an ugly oatmeal reptilian alien and a manchild who wrote a scene where two pretentious terminally ill teenagers make out at the Anne Frank Memorial

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*apologizes* *apologizes for apologizing* *apologizes for apologizing for apologizing* *apologizes for apologizing for apologizing for apologizing* *apologizes after you say its ok* *repeats cycle*

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Do you have a dream…for your life…your future, I guess?


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Friendly reminder  ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) that if you don’t sleep with someone for the sole reason that they’re HIV positive then you ARE being discriminatory towards a human being with a disease and you’re scum of the earth 。◕‿◕。 It’s basically as bad as saying you couldn’t love somebody with cancer. Respect people’s feelings. (◕‿◕✿)

There is literally no situation where you can compare an STD to cancer. You can’t “catch” cancer. HIV and other STDs are easily spreadable even with the use of condoms, etc. Not wanting to get a potentially life threatening disease is not discriminating. Please take a health class.

Best of Emily Fields Season 4

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but seriously people who are like “never choose a job for the money!” “money shouldn’t matter when you pick a career!” have never been poor in their entire lives

i will literally do anything and everything to make sure i am never poor again do not test me on this i am ready and willing to have a moral grey area in this situation

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